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Tips for time management

Tips for time management Managing your time on the road is one of the most important responsibilities of a truck driver. Of course, you have pick-ups and deliveries that need to be on time, but keeping things running smooth and planning for  ..

Tips for staying safe on the road

Tips for staying safe on the road As a truck driver, you have a professional obligation to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. This not only protects you and other motorists from the possibility of an accident, but operating safely is also ..

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Going to driver resources was the best thing to happen to me as far as employment. Jeremy and Evelyn did a great job. They put me where I am today, after talking with them, within hours I was hired. I would definitely advise people to go to them, they helped me and asked for nothing in return. I am telling my friends about them. Thank you Jeremy and Evelyn for the positive impact you have made in my life, greatly appreciate it.

Benjamin Bojorquez

I have worked with Jeremy for the last 8 years. He has helped me get 2 driver jobs. Everything went very smooth and he was very knowledgeable. He listened to what my needs were. Went after my job request and got me the job. They are the best.

Brannon Crawford

when I got my CDL class A driver license, I contacted CDL hunter to begin my career as professional driver it was good decision I made to find for me the right driver job at right company and i will advise any one looking for driving jobs to contact CDL Thanks ~

Mohamad Chwiki

I started from the bottom, and Driver Resources helped build me up. When things weren't working out, Jeremy helped me find the company that fit my needs, even as they've changed through the years, and I'm sure they'll have the options ready when my needs change again.

William McLean

Thanks to CDL Hunter I got a great opportunity on starting my driving career. They were always by my side and still continue to check on me to make sure everything is going well. I highly recommend them if you're trying to find a great opportunity to work or start a career in this profession. Thanks CDL Hunter

William Spencer